Welcome to Tamalex Bar and Grill, where we celebrate the art of Mexican Mezcales and Tequilas, creating a heaven for distillate enthusiasts. Our bar, renowned for its rich heritage, offers a diverse menu of classic and international cocktails, curated by skilled bartenders like Alejandro Vaca, a recognized talent in Philadelphia’s vibrant bartending scene. With 15 years of experience, including notable establishments like Tequilas Restaurant, Village Whiskey and Parc, we’ve honed our understanding of the industry.

At Tamalex, we not only offer a unique fusion of flavors but also take pride in educating patrons about Mezcal’s intricacies, sourced from small, multi-generational producers in Mexico. Each Mezcal at Tamalex tells a unique story, curated from producers mastering the art over generations. Our focus on Mezcal allows us to showcase the diversity and complexity of this cherished spirit, presenting a curated selection for our discerning guests. We have an extraordinary experience at Tamalex Bar and Grill, where we boast one of the finest selections of spirits.

Committed to excellence, we preserve the essence of Mexican and American cocktails through the art of mixology, crafting each drink with love and dedication. Our motto, “La frescura es la llave” (Freshness is the key), underscores our devotion to using the highest quality ingredients, emphasizing Mexican distillates while offering Whiskey sours, Martinis and classic cocktails options.

Explore the exclusive choices crafted by skilled bartenders like Alejandro Vaca and his wife Kassandra Jimenez inviting you to savor the richness, history, and craftsmanship of Mexican spirits at Tamalex Bar and Grill.